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Professional Brick Cleaning Canberra ACT – Our system for brick cleaning services are extremely detailed and will remove all surface dirt, mold and mildew. Commercial Restorations will always attempt to remove all staining from the brick and in 99% of our projects the building owner is amazed at what we are able to accomplish. 

Brick Cleaning is one of Pressure Kleen’s most sought after services. We have been washing bricks since day 1 and we know all the tricks there are to know about how to effectively clean different types of bricks, from your standard bricks to more fragile brick types that require a much more careful approach.

Our brick cleaning services are not limited to just cleaning brick buildings, walkways, stairs and other surfaces. We also clean buildings made from concrete, stucco, block, EIFS and limestone. Commercial Restoration uses professional grade brick cleaners to remove mold, mildew, Gloeocaspa Magma and surface dirt without damaging the brick surface.

After inspecting the brick building as closely as possible, Commercial Restorations will use man lifts, hot water pressure washers and professional grade environmentally friendly soaps and detergents to clean the brick on the building using our proven low pressure cleaning system to remove Gloeocaspa magma, mold, mildew, hydrocarbons, pollen and surface dirt using a special exterior building cleaning process that we designed over the last 20+ years to ensure the best results.

We provide brick restoration services that separate us from the rest of the brick restoration companies in the industry. Professional Brick Cleaning Canberra

You are protected by our qualifications and insurance.

All of our Technicians are fully trained to work safely in all environments, including at heights.

To cover you legally, when you engage our specialised services you are protected by the following:

  • ISO9001 Certified to Quality Management System
  • AS4801 Certified to OH’S Management
  • ISO14001 Certified to Environment Management
  • $20 Million Dollar Public Liability Insurance

Pressure Kleen’s Guarantee- We do It RIGHT the first TIME! If you are not fully satisfied with our external cleaning, our technicians will come back and reclean it at our own expense. We been running this business
for many years with happy repeat customers and we take pride and joy in our work.

You are safe in our expert hands, we always turn up on time and COMMUNICATE if we are going to be delayed, so that the whole process of your external cleaning is smooth and stress free. All of our technicians are
friendly and very understanding of your requirements.

As easy as

1. Tell us what you need

Give us a call or fill the form to tell us your requirement.

2. Get an instant quote

We will get back to you with an instant quote.

3. Next day service

If you are happy with the quote we will complete the job for you.

Insured, Licensed & Certified Brick Cleaners

All of our qualified Surface Restoration Technicians are Insured, Licensed & Certified with the following documentation.
  • White card
  • Work cover insurance
  • Public & product insurance
  • ISO Certified for Quality, Environment & OHS
  • First Aid
  • EWP & working at heights Certified
  • Waste collection
  • Our trucks are fitted with traffic diversion signs for safety of public and our technicians.

Our Surface Restoration Vehicles (SRV’s)

We have put a lot of thought into customizing and building the equipment on our specialized vehicles.
  • All our vehicles carry 1000 litres of water on board, so we can work in the basement or even where there are no mains.
  • All our pressure washers have inbuilt hot water systems which boils water at high temperatures to perform deep cleaning.
  • We carry 100 meters of high pressure hose that help us to reach places without moving our trucks.
  • We carry a wide range of chemicals in our truck so we are one stop solutions for all your stain and graffiti removal process which saves time to go and buy the chemicals.
  • Our trucks are equipped with traffic diversion signs for the safety of public and our techs.
  • Our trucks are fully insured and AUS/NZ standards compliant.
  • We carry all our surface cleaning tools, brushes, chemicals, sealers and paints etc in our truck which makes the techs work efficiently while on site.
  • Our Trucks are equipped with customised IT & Tracking systems.


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Meet our team

20+ years of experience

Fully Equipped Vehicles for Brick Cleaning Services

  • We have been washing bricks since day 1 and we know all the tricks.
  • Pressure Kleen offers all types of domestic and commercial brick cleaning services.
  • We have the knowledge and expertise to work in all kind of environments, our technicians are put to test every day with different types of bricks on different sites.
  • Our brick cleaners are all given proper training and experience under supervision to ensure that they know what they are doing, and the quality of our work speaks for itself.
  • We know all the tricks there are to know about how to effectively clean different types of bricks, from your standard bricks to more fragile brick types that require a much more careful approach.
Otto Wheeler
Otto Wheeler
Very professional, great service and easy to deal with to get the job done. Great company with excellent communication and customer service. Would definitely recommend!!!
Stoltenberg Tucker
Stoltenberg Tucker
Rod is excellent in getting back in touch When the home is due for a gutter clean. He goes the extra mile and his service is good value for money. Highly recommended Pressure Kleen
Jacobson Ritter
Jacobson Ritter
Blown away by the job done by Will today! We booked Pressure Kleen in for an exterior house wash and gutter clean. We came home to an absolutely spotless house and property.. not a single sign of any leaf matter or debris in sight. See you guys again in 12 months!
Marian Myles
Marian Myles
Fantastic job. Will be using Pressure Kleen again.
Buckley Gerardo
Buckley Gerardo
Will from Pressure Kleen did a FANTASTIC job of cleaning my Mum's pergola area, (both roof & pavers), also the gutters, fascia & windows. 100% happy & would 100% recommend his service.
Coby Mcgrath
Coby Mcgrath
Abi always gets the job done with excellent results.This was the 2nd time I utilised his services.
Bruce Rose
Bruce Rose
Great result. Thanks Rod!
Diego Rorabach
Diego Rorabach
Exceptional service and competitive pricing. Very happy with the results

Brick Cleaning Services


Commercial Brick Cleaning

Fully trained technicians (brick cleaners), ability to work after hours in heavy foot traffic areas, 100% safety assured at all times for technicians as well as pedestrians.

Residential Brick Cleaning

Taking utmost care while cleaning interior bricks, when the job calls for it, we put the extra effort to clean the bricks by hand, rather than using high pressure which may damage the surroundings. Trust on us for a reliable brick cleaning service that is efficient, professional and competent.

Industrial Brick Cleaning

​Industrial cleaning is challenging & requires a customized approach. We take step by step action to not only restore larger areas to their former glory, but also get rid of any tricky stains individually with specialized treatments. ​You are protected by our qualifications and insurance. Rest assured that our work wont cause any issues.

High-pressure brick cleaners are great for cleaning bricks of walls and even indoor and outdoor bricks. But what parts of the pressure brick cleaner builds up high-pressure and how do they work?

A high-pressure brick cleaner has 7 main parts: The pressure washer, intake valve, motor, pump, pressure hose, spray wand, and gun. When brick cleaner turned on the washer, the motor powers the pump which pressurizes the water. The water shoots through the pressure hose to the gun where it stops and stops the motor. When a brick cleaner triggers the guns, the motor starts up again and pushes the water out of the spray wand at high speed. High-pressure brick cleaners use very little water and turn water into turbo water.

While there are many choices in brick cleaners in Canberra, do not let that discourage you. This is encouraging news when looked at from a proper perspective. The many choices mean that you are much more likely to find the best brick cleaner for you.

Before selecting any brick cleaner, be sure that the reviews you read accurately describe the service of the brick cleaner by the real customers. For checking the customer review, check the Google Business (On Map) with the help of few keywords or searching the brand name on Google. You will able to show complete reviews whatever it is Good or Bad. Read the review and visit the site and check the price for specific work link Brick Cleaning.

Brick Cleaning Cost Calculator

Brick Cleaning Price List

  • 1-20 SQM $250
  • 21-40 SQM $300
  • 41-60 SQM $400
  • 61-80 SQM $475
  • 81-100 SQM $550
  • 100+ T.B.A
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Brick Cleaning FAQs

Brick cleaning has seven segments: Pressure Washer, Intake valve, motor, pump, Pressure hose,  Spray wand, and gun. During this, water throws the beam of forceful water through a gun controlled by  the motor. The best part is water consumption is significantly less, producing a shaft of a strong force of water. 
The costing of brick cleaning varies as per the requirement where the starting price is 250$ (Ex GST).
The easiest way of finding a Brick cleaning service in Melbourne is your very own smartphone’s  search engine. Simply open “Google” and search for “Brick Cleaning in Melbourne” and contact providers accordingly. 
With the help of High-pressure brick cleaning, you can get the cleaning of indoor and outdoor walls. During this process,pressure water shots over the cleaning surface use minimal wastage of  water. 
If you intend to do it yourself, you may end up either damaging bricks or harm yourself while  performing the cleaning process. So, the safe and best way is to hire a team of professionals with the expertise to get your job done more smoothly.