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Graffiti removal in Canberra ACT. Premium quality cleaning chemicals. Grade A industry equipment and workmanship. Opt for a total removal & stripping service with Pressure Kleen and get any kind of surface completely restored.

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Graffiti Removal Service and Paint Stripping


Graffiti Removal Service Canberra – Graffiti Removal is not an easy task for everyone. Graffiti damages public and private properties. Basically, graffiti art or “tags” are showing on walls, fences, trucks, or places where peoples gather in Canberra. Graffiti artists are trying to show artwork on walls with images or writing names or passing messages. Sometimes these graffiti arts will violent or religious. Graffiti can have a negative effect on the safety and welfare of a community by promoting a negative perception of that area, leading to an increase in other types of crime. That’s why graffiti removal requests are growing in Australia.

Graffiti removal Canberra ACT—it is not an easy cleaning job you need some special product to remove it and lots of time to done it. If you think you can do it, you will damage your walls, fence, or place where graffiti appears because you are not a professional cleaning expert. Especially when done on brick walls, it is difficult to be harsh while cleaning the graffiti as it might cause damage to the masonry. So, you must use good graffiti removal products for these kinds of surfaces. If the fence is of brick, then check whether it is a real brick. When you use the power washer, it is important to protect your skin from graffiti removal products. So, use protective eye-wear, gloves made of rubber, and other items too. Pressure cleaners spray out water at high pressures and will clean off paint in a good amount of time. Once cleaned off the graffiti, all you must do is apply a protective coating to the surface that was cleaned and you’re good to go.

You are protected by our qualifications and insurance.

All of our Technicians are fully trained to work safely in all environments, including at heights.

To cover you legally, when you engage our specialised services you are protected by the following:

  • ISO9001 Certified to Quality Management System
  • AS4801 Certified to OH’S Management
  • ISO14001 Certified to Environment Management
  • $20 Million Dollar Public Liability Insurance
Pressure Kleen’s Guarantee- We do It RIGHT the first TIME! If you are not fully satisfied with our external cleaning, our technicians will come back and reclean it at our own expense. We been running this business for many years with happy repeat customers and we take pride and joy in our work.

You are safe in our expert hands, we always turn up on time and COMMUNICATE if we are going to be delayed, so that the whole process of your external cleaning is smooth and stress free. All of our technicians are friendly and very understanding of your requirements.

As easy as

1. Tell us what you need

Give us a call or fill the form to tell us your requirement.

2. Get an instant quote

We will get back to you with an instant quote.

3. Next day service

If you are happy with the quote we will complete the job for you.

Insured, Licensed & Certified

All of our qualified Surface Restoration Technicians are Insured, Licensed & Certified with the following documentation.
  • White card
  • Work cover insurance
  • Public & product insurance
  • ISO Certified for Quality, Environment & OHS
  • First Aid
  • EWP & working at heights Certified
  • Waste collection
  • Our trucks are fitted with traffic diversion signs for safety of public and our technicians.

Our Surface Restoration Vehicles (SRV’s)

We have put a lot of thought into customizing and building the equipment on our specialized vehicles.
  • All our vehicles carry 1000 litres of water on board, so we can work in the basement or even where there are no mains.
  • All our pressure washers have inbuilt hot water systems which boils water at high temperatures to perform deep cleaning.
  • We carry 100 meters of high pressure hose that help us to reach places without moving our trucks.
  • We carry a wide range of chemicals in our truck so we are one stop solutions for all your stain and graffiti removal process which saves time to go and buy the chemicals.
  • Our trucks are equipped with traffic diversion signs for the safety of public and our techs.
  • Our trucks are fully insured and AUS/NZ standards compliant.
  • We carry all our surface cleaning tools, brushes, chemicals, sealers and paints etc in our truck which makes the techs work efficiently while on site.
  • Our Trucks are equipped with customised IT & Tracking systems.


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Otto Wheeler
Otto Wheeler
Very professional, great service and easy to deal with to get the job done. Great company with excellent communication and customer service. Would definitely recommend!!!
Stoltenberg Tucker
Stoltenberg Tucker
Rod is excellent in getting back in touch When the home is due for a gutter clean. He goes the extra mile and his service is good value for money. Highly recommended Pressure Kleen
Jacobson Ritter
Jacobson Ritter
Blown away by the job done by Will today! We booked Pressure Kleen in for an exterior house wash and gutter clean. We came home to an absolutely spotless house and property.. not a single sign of any leaf matter or debris in sight. See you guys again in 12 months!
Marian Myles
Marian Myles
Fantastic job. Will be using Pressure Kleen again.
Buckley Gerardo
Buckley Gerardo
Will from Pressure Kleen did a FANTASTIC job of cleaning my Mum's pergola area, (both roof & pavers), also the gutters, fascia & windows. 100% happy & would 100% recommend his service.
Coby Mcgrath
Coby Mcgrath
Abi always gets the job done with excellent results.This was the 2nd time I utilised his services.
Bruce Rose
Bruce Rose
Great result. Thanks Rod!
Diego Rorabach
Diego Rorabach
Exceptional service and competitive pricing. Very happy with the results

How We Do It?

With over 20 years of experience, we are proven experts seasoned in performing a wide range of graffiti removal or paint stripping jobs.


We use world-class pressure cleaning equipment and top-quality chemicals that are handled by skilled professionals. Book a one-off graffiti removal service with us or an extensive paint stripping job, we’ll take care of it proficiently.


Before we begin with the requested service, a qualified member of our team visits your site to perform a thorough inspection of the building’s affected area and cleaning requirements. We will then email you with a comprehensive quote for complete transparency.


We travel to your site with all the equipment, complete the job to perfection, then leave with discretion. No disruption to your business or staff. We are also available to work 24/7, so you can get our expert graffiti removal/paint stripping service any time that is perfect for you.

Graffiti Removal Services in Canberra ACT

Paint Removal Canberra

Our Paint removal process involves taking care of your property by sealing the windows and doors and also by containing the waste according to EPA regulations.We Restrict the work area to essential personnel only, and once we are finished we remove all waste & dispose of it according to EPA regulations.

Graffiti Removal Canberra

We have experience tackling all different types of surfaces, from bricks to metal, glass to concrete, timber to plastic surfaces, we take a customized approach to each and every job to ensure the best results.

Poster Removal

We remove all excess posters by hand and then use hot water with a specialized chemical to remove the debris and clean the surface free from glue.

Trust. Reliability. Execution.

We are a group of honest, hardworking individuals who pride themselves on being expert pressure cleaners.

Graffiti Removal FAQs

Any writings or drawings on a surface in a public place, placed there without authorization of the object’s owner on which it’s written. Graffiti is writing or drawings made on a wall or other surface, usually without permission and within public view.

Removing graffiti from any surface is not an easy task because removing graffiti depends on the type of graffiti used on the surface and what kind of surfaces like brick, walls, or fence. Each surface and graffiti-style will handled differently. If you are required to remove graffiti from a wall, brick, or fence, you need to hire a graffiti remover nearby you. Each graffiti remover has its cost of graffiti removal and expertise.

Removing graffiti stencils from the surface requires hiring professionals because graffiti stencils removal needs chemicals and proper care. Each surface handles differently, so hire graffiti remover near you. Graffiti stencil remover has its cost of graffiti removal and expertise.

Removing graffiti from bricks? You need to hire a graffiti remover expert because it needs chemicals and proper care. If you do not care about it, your bricks will damage and maybe your health. Each surface handles differently, so hire graffiti remover near you. The cost of removing graffiti from bricks is different based on work, time, space, and expertise.

Removing graffiti stickers? You need to hire a graffiti remover expert because it needs chemicals and proper care. If you do not care about it, your bricks, wall, or fence will damage and maybe your health. So, hire a graffiti remover near you. The cost of removing graffiti stickers from bricks, walls, or fences differs based on work, time, space, and expertise.